Association of American Geographers: Geography of Religion and Belief Systems (GORABS) Specialty Group, Summer 2013 Newsletter (vol. 34, no. 1)

It’s our pleasure to circulate the first issue of the 2012/2013 newsletter for the AAG’s Geography of Religion and Belief Systems (GORABS) Specialty Group.  In this issue, you will find reports from both the AAG Annual Meeting, including notes from our annual lecturer Professor Ceri Peach, and the RGS-IBG Conference.  Minutes from both business meetings are also included.  We also congratulate Murat Es, PhD Candidate in Geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who was our Sopher Award winner for this year, and we encourage all interested applicants to submit papers for the 2013 Sopher Award.

Murat Es (centre), with David Rutherford (left), GORABS treasurer, and David Butler (right), GORABS chair, at the AAG Annual Meeting in New York

All these items, with details and member news, are included in this issue!

If there are any questions, comments, or omitted items that were previously submitted but not included, please do not hesitate to contact me. We have posted this newsletter on our online site, and if there are any corrections from members, we will certainly rectify those errors.

Geography of Religion and Belief Systems: Association of American Geographers, Annual Meeting 2012 (New York): Annual Lecturer

A message from our GORABS Chair, David Butler:

I have pleasure in announcing Professor Ceri Peach will be our GORABS Guest Lecturer at AAG 2012, where he will offer a lecture provisionally entitled ‘Islam and the Art of Mosque construction in Western Europe’. This promises to be fascinating topic which will, no doubt, draw attention to GORABS as a speciality AAG group, which can only be a positive development.

This annual lecture session will be our GORABS highlighted session with the AAG. I also hope to advertise the Sopher Student Award shortly.

I would be greatly obliged if all paper session organizers (both those who have received GORABS sponsorship and those GORABS members who are participating in related non-GORABS sponsored sessions) could send me an update on your planned AAG 2012 activities, as the board need to submit timetabling requests, vis-a-vis our annual lecture, annual business meeting, and sponsored sessions to prevent any undue stress shuttling from one venue to another!

I look forward to any information you may provide. It is only some 18 days before the call for papers closes – this may be extended for a week or so, as it has been in previous recent years – but we need to stay focused as a speciality group.

All best wishes for now,