Geography of Religion and Belief Systems: Association of American Geographers, Annual Meeting 2012 (New York): Annual Lecturer

A message from our GORABS Chair, David Butler:

I have pleasure in announcing Professor Ceri Peach will be our GORABS Guest Lecturer at AAG 2012, where he will offer a lecture provisionally entitled ‘Islam and the Art of Mosque construction in Western Europe’. This promises to be fascinating topic which will, no doubt, draw attention to GORABS as a speciality AAG group, which can only be a positive development.

This annual lecture session will be our GORABS highlighted session with the AAG. I also hope to advertise the Sopher Student Award shortly.

I would be greatly obliged if all paper session organizers (both those who have received GORABS sponsorship and those GORABS members who are participating in related non-GORABS sponsored sessions) could send me an update on your planned AAG 2012 activities, as the board need to submit timetabling requests, vis-a-vis our annual lecture, annual business meeting, and sponsored sessions to prevent any undue stress shuttling from one venue to another!

I look forward to any information you may provide. It is only some 18 days before the call for papers closes – this may be extended for a week or so, as it has been in previous recent years – but we need to stay focused as a speciality group.

All best wishes for now,