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Community Talks
Passive Collaboration, Pastoral Commitments: Chinese Catholic Politics in Hong Kong.
Newman Association of Vancouver, St Mark’s College, Vancouver, BC, 16 December 2017.
Two Hong Kong Umbrellas: Christian ecumenisms and democracy in Hong Kong. InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship, Seattle, WA, 13 November 2014.
Passive Compliance to Occupy Central: Catholicism, Democracy, Hong Kong.
Catholic Newman Center at UW, Seattle, WA, 8 October 2014.
Catholic-Anglican Ecumenism. Drinks with Dominicans, Blessed Sacrament Parish, Seattle, WA, 22 April 2014.
The ‘Last Acceptable Prejudice’ and the ‘Last Civil Rights Struggle’: Anti-Catholicism, Same-Sex Marriage, and Racial Solidarity.
Catholic Newman Center at UW, Seattle, WA, 20 March 2014.
Gu Xiong’s Waterscapes and religious hybridity in Richmond, BC.
Moderator in Swimming the River. Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC, 28 October 2010.
Sewage on No. 5 Road. Panelist in Seeking Balance: Listening to the Spirit of the Land. Community Justice Centre, Comox, BC, 26 February 2010.

Community Involvement
Board of Directors, Richmond Food Security Society, Richmond, BC
Board of Directors, Asian Canadian Writers Workshop,
Vancouver, BC (2011-2012).